Today’s technology moves at a rapid pace.  From ad-tech to internet security flaws, to cryptography, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with trends and issues that can affect our work and life. For some of us, the new innovations in virtual or augmented reality seem impractical and improbable; The FBI vs. Apple cryptography debate was covered in the news, but how much of it was an accurate, technical explanation of what was happening? The science and even art that goes into these innovations may seem outside the scope of our everyday lives but there is an undeniable benefit if you know how to stay on top of things.

Fortunately, I have found a variety of sources and content that can give you the information you need to stay ahead of the game. Knowing where to go can be intimidating, and time is always an issue, but with a little digging around it’s possible to put together a well-curated collection of sources to help you keep a pulse on what’s happening.


We are in a revitalized age of podcasting (which is something since it’s only about 11 years old). Programs like Serial and This American Life may grab the headlines, however, there are many others out there that will keep you informed about the latest trends in tech and business to give you an edge in your work/life. There are a variety of podcast players for both the iOS and Android platforms that make discovering great content entertaining and accessible. A few of my favorite shows to tune into include:

  • This Week in Google – A weekly roundtable hosted by Leo Laporte and Jeff Jarvis that covers the latest news and trends in Google, the cloud and technology overall.
  • TED Radio Hour – Insightful discussions and interviews about the things that are affecting our world.
  • Recode Decode – Hosted by Kara Swisher, it features interviews with top leaders in the technology community.
  • Security Now – Hosted by security guru Steve Gibson, each week he talks about the latest in internet and computer security and digs into concepts we sometimes take for granted such as cryptography or how the internet works.
  • Note to Self – Hosted by Manoush Zomorodi, it focuses on how technology is changing our lives daily and how to try to make sense of it all.
  • Andreessen Horowitz’s a16z Podcast – Produced by one of the leading venture capital firms, it covers a wide range of trends and topics that affect Silicon Valley and the world at large.

RSS Aggregators and Digital Publishers

RSS Aggregators are a simple but effective tool that allows you to curate content from a variety of news sources in one easy-to-navigate interface. With the demise of Google Reader a few years back, Feedly has emerged as the most popular, cross-platform service. The web version syncs with the mobile application to keep track of what you have already viewed. It also has great integration with social platforms and tools like Evernote and Pocket that enable you to share across social media or for your own personal archiving. A few of my must-read sites are:

  • Arstechnica – Insightful news and reviews.
  • Techmeme – All the tech news all the time.
  • Searchengineland – Focuses on the ever evolving world and business of search.
  • Marketingland – Great insight into the world of digital marketing trends.
  • Recode – Great news and reviews from Walt Mossberg, Kara Swisher and many others.
  • Gdgt – News and reviews on the latest gadgets.
  • 9to5mac – All about Apple.
  • Androidcentral – All about Android.
  • Krebsonsecurity – Well-informed information on cybercrime and internet security.

Let’s face it – keeping up with the world of tech can be daunting. Don’t let it be. Consider diving into a few of these websites and podcasts. It’s never been easier to educate yourself and expand your knowledge.